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Pets OK! B&B! Wifi equipped! The Inn having healing effects and feeling at ease! Pension Marchen

Quick understanding

Westan Style-Minshuku'Marchen's Guide

the Quick understanding page of 'Marchen'


'Marchen' is ... a tidy-little Inn as Westan Style-Minshuku only Breakfast Supplied.
    ※What's B&B?――B&B is staying style of "breakfast" and "bed".Breakfast only.No dinner.
    ※There are a lot of restaurants,cafe,convenience stores,and supermarkets in Yatsugatake.See below.     ※We accept guests who need no meals.

'Marchen' is NOT... a Most gracious Accommodation like a Hotel.

    ※Bath room and toilet are Shared.

    ※Each guest room has Beds,a small table,and chairs.

    ※Each guest room has a kettle(=thermo-pot) and a compact refregerator.

    ★please BYO! Outside Food & Drinks Allowed!



  • Lonly one in the Pastoral landscape bihind Wide expanse of forest!
  • Guest room 5-the capacity is only 13 :mini Inn of Westan Style-Minshuku♪
  • You'll be just chilling out at the open and extensive public spaces such as pet's playroom,dininng,livingroom etc..♪
  • The Inn having healing effect and feeling at ease! View preeminent!



Guest Rooms――all Western style rooms(not tatami rooms)

equipment of an each guest room such as a kettle(=thermo-pot) and a compact refregerator

  • Air conditioning …natural wind//a screen door and an electric fan(Only Dining Room has Air conditioner)
    • 8/5 AM5:00…18C.
    • 9/2 PM5:00…24C.
    • 9/2 PM9:00…20C.
    • 9/2 PM12:00…19C.
  • Base equipment in the Guest Room…Beds,a small table,and chairs.
  • Freebie equipment in the Guest Room…a kettle(=thermo-pot) and a compact refregerator.


Dining Room has Air conditioner.


Marchen's Diningroom

※There is an Air conditioner in the diningroom♪…Please use one for free if you feel hot!



Dish(B&B――only breakfast ※bed without meals,OK)

breakfast(per person)↓

breakfast per person

salad(for example)↓


  • Breakfast...a Healthy menu:We only use a rich variety of vegetables in season.Very filling!
  • Bread...Scone or Milk-bread baked by 'Seisenryo' (=KEEP//a noted place as a daily farm and a mecca of Y-kogen-highland in Yatsugatake)
  • non-chemical non-GMO non-Radiation pollution vegetables
  • for Vegan or vegeralian...It is possible to serve dishes without meat and fish(ex...tuna,shellfish,ham,sausage,and egg...) Please let us know!
  • At breakfast, you can bring your own favourite breads:There are a lot of bakeries in Yatsugatake!
    • Therefore,you can order only main dish otherwise only drink(coffee,tea,and so on)!


  • Guests who need no meals,also use the Diningroom.Otherwise, Everyone can eat in the Guestroom with using equipped kettle(=thermo-pot) and compact refregerator.please BYO!



  • Some convenience stores near-by Marchen in the area of Yatsugatake South Base(=Yatsugatakenanroku)  
    • convenience store:Lawson Ohizumi branch…055138-3199
    • convenience store:Seven-Eleven Ohizumi branch…055138-0701
    • supermarket:Himawari-ichiba ※We recommend Sushi,Nikatsudon,Lunch box …055138-4744


  • 'Sazae-San style' bathroom with shower!(Tiled floors and walls)
  • 'shared' bathroom/allowed time(about 30 minutes per person)
  • There are some Onsen(hot springs) near-by Marchen.It takes around 5-10 minutes by car.
    • We can prepare Discount tickets for Onsen!



  • Not either 'proffessional' or 'following the manual style' hospitality like a hotel.
  • Marchen's hospitality is simply,friendly and homelike atmosphere---"Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity."♪


Pets OK

  • Welcome…dogs,cats,ferrets,hamsters,rabbits,squirrels,squirrel monkeys,miniature pigs,birds etc...!
    • Pet allowed…Guest room,Pet's Play room,Dining,Living room
    • Not pet allowed…Kitchen,Bathroom
    • About Dogs…Please keep your dogs on leads,but if your dogs and other guests' dogs(pets) have good chemistry,off leads OK!
    • In Yatsugatake,there are many restaurants,bars and cafes that'll accept customers being with Pets! We'll show you.

pension 'Marchen's Pet Album!(updated with the BLOG for pets only now!)

[※↑Please click this IMAGE above,and go to the Link Page of Pet Album!]




  • Welcome…pre-schooler,nursery school child,Infant!
  • We'll take off for a Child *excluding high(peak) season.


Accommodation Fee (Charge)

  • Our Inn is Low and Reasonable relative to the Inn like a petit hotel type!
  • We'll take off for a Child *excluding high(peak) season.
  • We'll give other discounts *excluding high(peak) season,too.
    • e.g. for an Adult:only breakfast:\3240- / guests who need no meals:\2160- ※including tax!
    • e.g. for a Child:only breakfast:\2240- / guests who need no meals:\1160- ※including tax!


Scenic sites, Historic sites and Tourist spots

  • Yatsugatake kogen Highlands――The Plateau erea surrounded with Mt.Fuji,Southern Alps mountain range,Mt.Yatsugatake! View preeminent!
    • Kiyosato-Oizumi,Kiyosato: Seisenryo(KEEP)・Moegi-no-mura…15-20 minutes by car
    • Kiyosato-Oizumi: Sunmeadows-Kiyosato-skiing ground…20-25 minutes by car
    • Kobuchizawa: Risonare-Yatsugatake・Outlet…12-15 minutes by car
    • Fujimi(Shinanosakai): Idojiri-Iseki=the Idojiriri ruins(the Jomon period)…30 minutes by car
  • Welcome Hikers,Trekkers!
    [※↓Please click this IMAGE below,and go to the Link Page of slide-show over the walking course!]

Location around 'Marchen': ex:Mt.Akadake,the highest peak of Yatsugatake range,Southern Alps mountain range,Mt.Fuji etc...

[※For climbing Mt.Fuji,it's little far from Yatsugatake kogen highland.Only gaze on!:-) But that'll be bigger than you've expected.You would love it!]




a favored walking course in Bird Sanctuary around 'Marchen'

  • There is a walking(strollong) course around the pond of spring water in Bird Sanctuary.This course is very loved by many people who want to relax,also many dogs!♪
    [※↑Please click this IMAGE above,and go to the Link Page of slide-show over the walking course!]

a favored walking course in Bird Sanctuary around 'Marchen'

  • There are not only Many birds but also squirrel,deer,insects on this walking(strollong) course in Bird Sanctuary.
    [※↑Please click this IMAGE above,and go to the Link Page of movie in Marchen-Owner's BLOG over the walking course!]


We welcome guests who are going to join some kind of event or festa!

Marchen Family

  • Our Family
    • Kaname Suzuki:Owner
    • Reiko Suzuki:Owner's sister,Photographer
    • Hideko Suzuki:Mother,90 years old



  • Contact us♪...mail-form for contact or enquiry (※ Not reservation!)
  • Reservation♪...mail-form for reservation (※ Only reservation!)