Seiichi・Yagi * A brief summary of Seiichi・Yagi's career

SeiichiYagi,born in 1932 in Yokohama, Japan, completed his graduate work in the New Testament at Tokyo University Graduate School before continuing his study at the University of Goettingen in Germany.Dr.of Literature(Kyushu University,1967),Dr.of theology h.c.(Berne University,Switzerland,2000).Presently Professor E- meritus at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Guest Professor at Toin University of Yokohama. He has also taught at Tokyo University, International Christian University in Tokyo, Berne University in Switzerland and Hamburg University in Germany. Presently President of Japan Society for Christian Studies. He has been for many years engeged in the Buddhist-Christian Dialogue and he found the religious view common to Buddhism an Christianity in "bashology",which understands the individuals as set in the field of Transzendenz and expresse the activity thereof.The New Testament had bashological thinking but it has forgotten it in the increasing personalistic view of God in the western Christianity. His books : Jesus; Contact Point between Buddhism and Christianity; Paul/Shinran-Jesus/Zen; Religion and language-Language of Religion; Structuresof the New Testament Thinking etc.